Cooling down

Luckily, it’s only like 34º Celsius (about 93ºF) when I walk out Liz’s door in the morning. You almost wouldn’t say that you’re in the desert. I really want to see more of LA, but not if it’s 40ºC/104ºF outside! So instead, I choose to go to the beach. Santa Monica has the famour pier full of attractions and the beach! You will have to drive for about an hour to get there, but that’ll be totally worth it when I’m ankle deep in the ocean.

Aaaah, sweet bliss. Now I’ll have to check out the pier of course.

It was about as touristic as you imagined, but still cool with all those colors and attractions. It isn’t super busy on the beach despite the heat, and I stroll for a while down the beach until I make my way up to explore Santa Monica. With a row of building between me and the ocean breeze it’s immediatly a lot warmer, but still manageble. After wandering aimelessly for a while I happen upon 3th street boulevard. It’s a wonderfull stretch to walk, car free and with enough shops to look into.

And just look at those fountains.

Around six p.m. I’ve seen enough and drive through the heavy traffic back to pick up Liz from school and go eat ramen. Those big hamburgers can wait.


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