Finding the secret rooftop

I think the craziest thing I did when I was in Istanbul is try and find this semi-secret rooftop view. It was close to the Grand Bazaar, so after I visited that, I went hunting for my view.

I walked into a courtyard, up a set of stairs and ended up in what looked like an abandoned hallway just under the roofs. While I was walking the hall I kept thinking that this was the perfect place for someone to kidnap me and nobody would know.

under the roof hallway istanbul
Was I even supposed to be here?

Then I noticed that on the left side of the hallway were little workshops. People working on lamps, strange art installations and even a little antique shop. It made me feel safer, knowing I was not alone. When I reached the end of the hallway, I could only go right and ended up right back outside! How could that be? I was so sure I was in the right spot! When I turned to go back, a lady motioned for me in a doorway. “Are you looking for a way up the roof? I’m sorry it’s closed! But you can get a lovely view from inside my cafe!” It was a good sell, so I followed her inside her lovely little cafe and sat by the window.

under the roof cafe istandbul
She said something about the building being 400 years old!?

I ordered a chocolate milk, which I was brought in a beautiful pink cup.

vintage pink tea cup
with a turkish delight, very nice

When the people sitting on the balcony moved away I quickly stole their spot. Enjoying the view, the chocolate and the quiet conversation of the other people on the tiny balcony.

After leaving, I was still determined to find a way up the roof. I wasn’t alone. Three tourists managed got a hold of a construction worker. He told them that yes, the roof was under construction, but he could show them a way up! I joined up with the little party and was let up to the roof.

Didn’t find out how to get there

All in all it was a weird little adventure in which I was sure I would die, but it was totally worth it!

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