Driving Highway 1(01), San Fran to Portland

Finally a hostel after three days driving Highway 1(01)! Finally a shower!

When I left San Francisco I had only two things on my mind:

1) Driving up the coast on Highway 1(01)

2) Ending up in Seattle

I didn’t plan anymore than that. Highway 1 follows the coast up till Legett, CA, and then becomes the 101 which keeps with the coast all the way up north. I was going to take my time and see what would happen.

The route was amazing. Every couple of miles there was a turnout where you could stop to take pictures or walk all the way up to the beach. Almost everywhere in the water were ginormous rocks sticking out of the water, which gave every beach its own drama. On several spots there were people surfing and everywhere people were just enjoying the view and the ocean breeze. I even saw wales! Well, only a little bit of one, but still!

Highway 1(01)

Highway 1(01)

In California I drove through the Avenue of Giants and there really isn’t a more appropriate name.

There was even a three you could drive through.

The pictures don’t do it justice.

The road went through several towns, but I didn’t stick in a lot of places. Often it was just going to a supermarket, walk a little and drive on. Just driving. Somebody told me it would start raining as soon as I hit Oregon, but I can say now that’s not true. Even now the weather is beautiful.

I’m in Portland, Oregon now. Maybe I’ll go back to the coast for some whale spotting, otherwise it’s up to Seattle! on monday I will have been in the USA for three weeks!

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