How are you going to do it?

There’s several ways one can travel the world. You can stay at the fanciest places and spend thousands of dollars. You can walk or hitchhike everywhere and not spend a dime on transportation. I’m not one for either option, but I do like to keep it cheap. Here are a few ways in which I intend to do that and as such not need to save tens of thousands of euros to stay away for a long time.


Learning about workaway was actually a huge step in feeling that taking a trip around the world was something I could do. It takes away a lot of the costs of accommodation and food. It’s a website that mediates between people who have work that needs to be done and travelers who like to meet new people and don’t mind working (someone like me). The jobs vary, but the reward is mostly the same: you’ll help in exchange for a place to stay and meals. You don’t need to work the whole week usually, so that leaves time to go exploring!


There are people out there who don’t mind having strangers sleeping on their couches. That’s the idea around which couchsurfing is based. It’s a free network of people who offer their couches to travelers, assuming they’ll get good company and stories in return.

Topkapi Palace library Istanbul
It’s probably not going to be a couch like this though (Topkapi Palace in Istanbul)


What if you want/have to leave for a couple of weeks but you’ve got nobody to watch Pookie? Again, rely on strangers! Trusted housesitters connects people who are looking for somebody to watch their house with people looking for a place to stay. You’ll have to subscribe to the website, but staying won’t cost you anything except groceries. I love this idea. I think at some point I’ll want a break from working and meeting new people and then I’ll stay at someone’s house and walk their dogs and such.

purple house in San Francisco
Maybe in a house like this!


Hostels are a great way to meet new people and they’re cheap! I’ll be sure to make use of them every now and again.


And my the time I do run out of money, I can always work. If it’s cleaning, reception work or picking strawberries, I don’t mind!

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