I wasn’t prepared: Yellowstone edition

My god, it was so cold in Yellowstone! There. Was. Snow. I think I forgot how far north I drove. Luckily it didn’t rain yet when I pitched the tent, that’s something. Well, San Francisco sweater on, layer denim jacket over it and off to the park.

And what a park it is. Everything you see reminds you that you’re walking on an active vulcano. Literally out of every nook and cranny billows steam.

And then I haven’t even talked about the geisers and hot water springs yet. You can’t turn around without bumping into a geiser. Figuratively speaking.

What you also keep bumping into is bizon. All sorts of creatures roam around Yellowston National Park apparently, although I only saw elk en bizon. At a certain point, about ten cars (your’s truly included) were stuck in a herd of bizon.

Of course everyone was hanging outside of their car to take pictures. And some poor ranger had to keep shouting: ‘Don’t stop on the road!!’ I had my car on a turnout, like a decent person. Because I hadn’t frozen to death in my sleep (it was close I’m sure), I just got in my car in the middle of a snowstorm. I didn’t have anything like a rain coat with me of course, so I went and got that first. It doubled as a souvenir. I sheepishly laughed when the girl behind the counter said: ‘The whole town will be walking around in these today.’ Apparently it normally starts snowing around October somewhere, so I timed it perfectly. If it isn’t a heathwave, it’s prematurely snowing. But it didn’t get me down!

Some bacteria living in hot water give off different colors depending on the heat, so that’s why the pools look al rainbow. Not only bacteria like heath though, I’m going to migrate southward again! PAST Yellowstone, because threequarters of the park was snowed in this morning.

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