I’ve taken the next step…

I paid my next road trip related big expense: I rented a car! A small one.

Without a car, the whole road trip is of course void, but I was still really nervous to actually reserve a car. Which obviously led me to paying more than was necessary, but whatever. It’s quite a big some and I was terrified that something would go or be wrong somehow. I could keep putting it off, but where would that get me? I thoroughly read the terms and condition, made sure I had a navigation system and I’ll see what kind of car it is when I get to LA.

Now I just need to figure out how to drive in an automatic. Which should be easier than stick shift.

I won’t be using the car for the whole trip. After little more than a month I’ll drop it off and continue the last bit by bus. The distance between Philidelphia, Washington and New York is such that a bus ticket only costs about $14.

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