Last stop: New York City

New York was the last stop of my USA road trip (booh). Luckily, I didn’t have to be alone for those last days, my friend Ymke came to New York! We booked an Airbnb next to Central Park, which is even bigger than you’re thinking right now. We had all the basics near us: from a bagelshop to a subwaystation. Our most interesting stop on the first day was in the neighbourhood Greenwich, where the Chelsea Market is. There were several nice places to eat and very nice bookstore. From Chelsea Market you can get on the ‘Highline’, a raised footpath. We decided to save that for a later date and get an icecream at the fabulous Big Gay Icecream. The icecream and the names of the flavours were everybit as good as the name.

The next day we designated as Museum day. We started at the Met(ropolitan museum of art). Besides that countlass paintings of European masters, there were also several halls designated to different regions of the world, and a room full of armor.

Painting on a Japanese fan in the Met museum

Samurai armor in the Met

After this first museum, we had some time to kill before four pm, when the entry to the Museum of Modern Art (or MoMa) would be free. We both really wanted to see Grand Central Station and since it was close, sort of, we walked there.

Clock at Grand Central Station New York City

Grand Central Station Terminal in New York

It was less busy than we expected, but it looked really cool (and big!). There was a whole mall attached to it and where we were standing (in the terminal) there was even an apple store? Well, whatever.

The MoMa was super busy when we got there. Modern art isn’t really my thing, but Starry night by van Gogh hangs in this museum as well and of course we couldn’t skip that. When we entered the floor with the van Gogh’s, there was suddenly a lot of Dutch all around. There were also some Picasso’s that I vaguely remembered from high school (read: some of his most famous works). It was really cool to see them ‘live’, but it was also so crowded that we quickly skipped out again.

Day three was for visiting the Statue of Liberty! Well, passing it by anyway. Ymke found out that we could take the regular ferry for free to Staten Island and than we would pass it, so that’s what we did. As soon as we exited the subway station, we were immediatly swarmed by salesmen in colored vests, all trying to get us on a different boat (that we did have to pay for), but we got away uscated.

And there she is. It did make the visit to New York city complete. After we got back, we walked to Wallstreet, past the 9/11 monuments and this very trippy merry-go-round:

Fish merry-go-round New York City

Fish merry-go-round in New York City

Veeeeery hypnotising.

There was one last thing on our list: Time Square. And we took it off real quick! I know they always warn you about the crowds at Times Square but dear god!

The last day we mostly just strolled through Central Park and prepared for the flight back. And here I am again! In the Netherlands. It feels strange, just being home again. In one spot. Without responsibilities (except finding a job).

Thank everybody who has read along with my adventures! I had an amazing time and would do this whole trip again in a heartbeat.

Until we meet again!

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