Lift off

This was one crazy weekend. I had to go back to school once more to defend my thesis and lo and behold! I passed! So, quickly back home for some last minute paperwork and of course champagne in the evening.

I still had to work this weekend, because I’m just not very practical sometimes, and Saturday I had a party with some other summer children. Sunday, work again an in between all these things throwing stuff in my bags, clean the house and just freak out about my immanent departure.

And now I’m on the plane! Like, whoa. I already have some fifteen minutes delay because a farmhouse was on fire near the airport? I think? I couldn’t really hear it, but apparently the smoke of the fire blew over the runway so we had some delay taking off.

Anyway, I’m on my way now and things are slowly coming together in my head. There’s really only one thing left I can do: enjoy my adventure!

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