Music Cities

Getting back to civilization from Yellowstone was along drive. At first I was planning to head straight to Chicago and then maybe visit Memphis and Nashville, but I realized the otherway around made more sense. So, through Colorado, through Kansas and Missouri to Tennessee. From -1 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius in three days.

The drive on its own wasn’t that eventful. I just kept passing signs that said “JEZUS SAVES” or “TURN TO GOD NOW” which felt weird.


I went to Memphis first, the place where Rock’n’roll was born in the 50’s. The Sun Studio, the recording studio where legends like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash once started their career is still in use these days! You can also get a tour, which was super cool. I got the tour from a girl who also recorded there and she was a great storyteller.


original neon sign of Memphis Recording Service
The original neon sign
Microphone at the Sun Studios, Memphis
loads of famous people spit on this mic.

After the studiotour I visited the Rock and Soul museum, where you can find the history of rock and soul from the plantation to the present. The audio tour was a nice touch.

I couldn’t skip Beale street of course. This street once was the center of the black community and is now stuffed with cafes and souvenir shops. There was supposed to be music everywhere, but I was there on a monday and it was really quiet. I did buy a fancy pair of sunglasses that I managed to smash two days later…

Neon signs on Beale Street, Memphis
I fricking love neon signs


There was no escaping the music in Nashville. Every café and restaurant had a big window looking out on the street behind which a band was playing. Every building that wasn’t a café sold cowboy boots if you ask me. It was a lot of fun to just walk around and listen to the music.

Nashville skyline

When I came back to the hostel after my first walk around there were two other guests sitting in the kitchen.

‘Where you in Memphis before coming to Nashville?’ She asked me.

‘Yes?’ (How does she know?)

‘Yeah! You were at the Sun Studio right?’


‘Yeaaaaah I knew it! I recognized your tattoos! We were there as well!’

Even in a country as big as the US, you still run into the same people.

I wanted to visit some of the famous murals that you can find in Nashville like the wings in the first picture. Unfortunately, I am pro walking anywhere, so that’s what I set out to do. I just didnt’realize how far from the center those murals were… I was so hot and exausted when I finally reached the part of the city where they were! (I could maybe have caught a bus somehwere halfway, but whatever) I did pass a pumpkin market though, so that was fun.

I believe in Nashville mural wall art graffiti
Make music not war mural wall art graffiti Nashville
Pumpkin market Nashville
I didn’t even know pumpkins came in so many colors

I drove on to Chicago this morning, so that’s where I’m going to go explore next!

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