The Grand Canyon: Natural insanity

The Grand Canyon is truly unbelievable. I’ve been trotting along it the whole day and I still don’t understand how it’s possible.

I’ve been walking along the rim of the canyon for the majority of the day, but halfway around I saw a path named the Bright Angel Trail. About six signs were posted around the entrance warning noobs not to attempt walking all the way down in a day, because it would be much to far, but you could walk a little bit down. I heard someone say in passing that it would take about one to two hours, so I thought I could do that.


I hope I can still walk tomorrow. Especially going back up was hell. Luckily most people were walking with bright red faces and grim expressions, so I certainly wasn’t the only one who had underestimated the whole affair.

After taking plenty of time to rest I walked on along the rim. It was way cool. Only now I’m hot and sunburned.

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