Not according to plan

This is starting off nicely, I thought I would be completely finished with school before my birthday, but no go. I’m not allowed to come and defend my thesis, I’ll have to come back to receive feedback instead.I had to take a deep breath hearing that. When I saw that my tutor had called, I knew it was bad news. She was as surprised as I was, maybe even more. She had envisioned a happy ending for all her charges. What I hate most about the whole thing, even more than the fact that despite all the positive feedback and compliments I still need to redo (parts of) it, is that now I won’t be finished before I go to the US. Even if I manage to hand in the revised version before the end of August (and I will), the first opportunity to come back for an assessment is October. Not that I won’t try to do the assessment mid-August, but I’m afraid the place is still closed by then.

In spite of this, the road trip is still on. I mean, I booked. I’m looking forward to it. If I don’t manage to revise my thesis before the end of July, a lot more went wrong than I thought. The only thing that really changes is that now I’ll technically start working immediatly after school, instead of after my “sabbatical”.

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