Oh hey, the Sezade Mosque

I didn’t realize how many mosques Istanbul has until I stood halfway up some hill and saw all the domes sticking out of the city (and those are only the big ones)! I wanted to visit the famous Blue Mosque of course, but hadn’t really thought about visiting others. It was a coinsidence that I walked into the Sehzade Mosque.

I had already done quite a walk that day. From the neighbourhood Fener all the way alongside the Bosporus in the direction of my hostel. I didn’t want to walk next to a busy road the wole time, so I just took a hard right into the smaller streets at some point.

Those streets opened up to a butchers market of sorts! Left and right were all shops that sold pigs heads, guts and other entrails. I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately, as I was a bit overwhelmed by the sight. It smelled a bit like the disection halls from back when I studied Veterinary Medicine. While I walked in the middle of all this an old city wall rose up in front of me. It turned out to be the Valens Aquaduct.

aquaduct of Valens
This structure has been here since he fourth century!

When I had passed this I hit a busy road that I wanted to follow to my hostel. That’s when I saw a UNESCO world heritage sign and behind that, hidden behind walls and hedges, a mosque. Intriqued, I entered the complex.

The whole park just breathes peace. Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent had this mosque build to honour his son, Sehzade Mehmet, who is buried in a tomb on the site. Sehzade was the Sultans eldest legitemate son (not his real oldest, you understand).

I love what they do with the ceilings
It really is beautiful

Sehzade was only 22 when he died and on his way back from a succesful military mission in Hungary! I understand why his dad was proud of him.

It was really quiet here, with hardly any other tourists around. So, if you want to visit a historic mosque without being run over by your fellow tourists, Visit the Sehzade Mosque.

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