Out of the desert, into the mountains

For the next stage of my journey I wanted to head to San Francisco before driving up the coast in the direction of Seattle. Getting from Hildale to San Fran in a day turned out to be a little too much, so I needed to make a stop along the way. Seqoia National Park and Yosemite were still on the list, so maybe go there first? I couldn’t really find a nice place to stay around there, but while I was looking I saw something in Big Bear Lake. I had no idea what that was, but staying somewhere like a hostel, with actual showers and wifi, sounded good after all the perils of the desert. So, Big Bear it was.

The drive from Hildale to Big Bear led through Nevada, right past Las Vegas. I just thought it was funny seeing so many cars again after all those empty roads when I hit a traffic jam. I had forgotten that it was the end of a long weekend and everybody would be on their way home from visiting their families and what not.

After ages of being stuck in traffic and then driving I was still in the desert! Where was the lake? Was Big Bear Lake an ironic name? Was I going to sleep in the desert again?! I was driving in the general direction of mountains by now, but everything still looked horribly dry.

Then I had to drive up the mountain.

Hairpin turns, terrifying steep slopes, and the navigation telling me I could drive 55 m/h? I was slowly running out of gass and I was already picturing myself getting stuck halfway up the mountain and then getting run over by a truck. I think you can figure out that didn’t happen, as I’m still alive to tell the tale. I survived the drive.

Big Bear Lake is really fun. I can tell the area is marketed as a sky area but even in the summer there is plenty to do. I could of course go hiking or maybe even go swimming.

There’s always live music playing somewhere. I was eating a bagle in a little cafĂ© when two old dudes started playing country on guitar and harmonica and an older couple got up to dance (so sweet!). In the evening I saw one of the guys play guitar in the garden of restaurant. Alongside the low fence there were benches and several people sat down to listen to the music. It was really nice.

Big Bear was a good stop!

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