With everything I have in mind, I at least need a sketch of a planning for how long I want to stay somewhere in the US. For now, two things are certain: I arrive the 28th of August in LA and I leave the 16th October from New York.

I’m thinking about three days for the cities I want to visit, and two days for the National Parks. Add the travel time and seven weeks are filled in a blink!

Well, right now I still have about a week blank. I could try to fill that in as well, but maybe I should keep it open as a buffer for The Unexpected. Who knows what kind of awesome places or people I’ll find and then I won’t be able to stay a little because I’ve booked something someplace else? But this planning isn’t set in stone yet anyway. It does give me some insight in how long I can stay somewhere if I want to see all that I wanted to see.


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