Seattle Loves the Rain

I managed to keep it dry to Portland, so nearly three weeks. Apparently Oregon and Washington are nearing the end of a draught. Everybody I spoke to in Seattle agreed that rainy weather is the best weather, so every Seattlelite was dubbly happy when it finally rained. Nothing of that Dutch whining over here!

Portland was actually more of a pit stop on the last leg of the journey to Seattle, but I’m really happy I went! For one thing, the hostel I stayed at was amazing where my dorm was hidden behind a bookcase. Besides me there was only one other person.


Portland itself had some amazing spots like Voodoo Doughnuts and an breatht taking rose garden. I have never seen so many roses together, in every color imaginable. Unfortunatly I missed the Keep Portland Weird Tour, so I walked the streets on my own. Portland has the largest independent bookstore of the USA and it was as big as a small library (and, of course, amazing).

Portland Voodoo Doughnut

Before I drove on to Seattle I stopped at the St. John’s Bridge, which is designed by the same guy who thought up the Golden Gate Bridge.

Portland St. John's Bridge

In Seatlle I slept in gigantic hostel where people even stayed for longer periods of time. It was a really awesome place, with awesome people, in walking distance of the downtown Seattle. With one of my roommates I walked to the city centre and that was a lot of fun! I was even blessed with tasting her cooking. For my last night there we did grocery shopping at Pikes Place Market, an indoor market of multiple stories were you could buy everything from handmade jewelery to fresh produce.

Of course I also took a look at the Space Needle and I went to the museum of Popculture where they had a really cool exposition about sci-fi and fantasy.

Portland Space Needle

I was in luck, cause monday night is campfire night at the hostel, so I ate s’mores with everyone! They were my first s’mores and I loooove them. I definitely see myself coming back to this hostel to explore more of Seattle and the nature around it (like Olympic National Park).

Now I’m on route to Yellowstone National Park! I hope it’s not raining when I need to set up my tent…

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