So close…

So, last week I had to go back to school for the feedback on my thesis. Let me tell you something, listening for an hour to everything that is wrong with a project that you’ve spend five months on, is not fun.

Not that I don’t see where they’re coming from after hearing it all.

As I was saying in my other post about this delightful subject, what bothered me most about all this is that now I wouldn’t have graduated before I set off for America. Good news though! Even though the ladies behind the registration desk clearly thought it was a very bad idea, I can get a new assessment at the end of August! Assuming that I’ve corrected and handed it in on time of course. What I do need to realise is that if I fail again on that session, that I will have to do another internship. Not that that’s any different if I would fail in October.

Besides that, I won’t have guidance for most of the period I’ll be working on it. It is summer holidays after all and my teachers don’t owe me shit these two months. Luckily I have an amazing teacher who immediately assured me that I could send her the revised version when she is back from vacation on the ninth of August. Seeing as I don’t have that much extra time if I were to hand it in in October (as I’m away for the whole of September), I’m going for a retrial in August! I’ll keep you posted.

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