Start in Auckland

It took my mind a while to catch up with the rest of me, but now that we are all together here in the vicinity of Auckland, I can finally tell you something about the start of my trip.

Let me start by telling you all that thirty hours of flight is too long. I didn’t know what day it was, if I had been in the air for an hour or a year and which dimensions I’d passed by now. The journey was quiet though. I only had a stop in Phuket that I wasn’t aware we would be having. When I walked around the airport and got back to my same seat on the same plane, I found out that my new neighbours were a vlogging family. We hadn’t taken off yet or the boy began, under the strict supervision of his dad, to explain about the inflight entertainment system. It was a weird experience. If I knew who it was I would tell you to look it up so you can see me sleeping with my mouth open in the background.

From the airport, I caught a bus directly to about half a block from my hostel. Attic Backpackers hostel was a perfect mess of people who had been staying there since forever and people who just got off the plane. I shared a room that grew too hot at night with nine others who had strewn their stuff around the room. In the evening I joined the table with the speaker on it which started playing Abba in no time. That’s a good evening for me.

I was planning on visiting one of the iconic west coast beaches the next day but found out that there was no public transport going in that direction, so I hiked up Mount Eden instead. The view was well worth the sunburn.

When I got back I met the first Dutch person. Together with an American guest, we decided to visit one of the non-iconic beaches the next day. That was a lovely idea

All in all it was a quiet, but good start of my trip. I even feel by now (five days later) that I managed to shake off the jetlag. I’ll tell you about the adventure it took to get to my first Workaway in Whangateau next time.

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