The Capitol

Washington DC was a treasure trove of history and stories. The city was errected out of nothing in George Washingtons backyard, because Congress couldn’t decide which city should be the capitol of the new land (and Washington didn’t want a long drive to work). Washington, DC doesn’t have representation in the senate and the DC congressman isn’t allowed to vote in Congress, because technically Washington DC isn’t a state.

The British lit it on fire in 1814, but under pressure of then first lady Dolly Madison, the city was rebuild in the same place. The White House has had a score of freaky presidents (as I heard in the Scandals of the White House Tour, something I definetly recommend!!), but the city and the country still stand, surprisingly.

The White House
The WH.

What is cool about DC is that a lot of the museums and gouvernment buildings have no entrance fee, so I went to the Library of Congress, the Museum of Natural History, the Botanical Gardens and the Museum of the American Indian.

The National Archives were amazing. A copy of almost everything that has ever been published in the US is kept there. It also houses the Deceleration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The three documents on which the USA are built, almost. You can hardly read the Deceleration of Independence anymore, because the genius who made the first printing plate of the deceleration wanted to see if he had the scale of the document right. He made the copper plate wet, stuck the document to it, was satisfied and peeled the thing back off… leaving a lot of the ink on the plate.

The National Archives, Washington DC
National Archives

In the Library of Congress you can find the first map were America was ever labeled as America, alongside a host of other treasures, books and publications. The building itself is stuning as well.

Inside of the Library of Congress
ceiling at the Library of Congress
the metally bits are alluminum! Most expensive thing they had back then
First mention of America

You can see that Washington DC was designed by a european. All the marble and columns make it feel roman.

Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Now it’s time to explore my second to last city: Philadelphia!

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