The windy city

Chicago was so cool! I didn’t know what to expect, but it felt really relaxed and there is loads to do.

Greetings from Chicaco mural

I started at the planetarium, because I think I’d never been to one before. Besides information on the planets of our solar system, there was also an exhibit on telescopes and the historie of Astronomy. Very cool. Less cool was the exhorbitant amount of kids screaming around, but what do you do.

Models of plantes at Chicao planetarium

Chicago is crossed by sveral rivers, so I took the time to just stroll along the water. They’ve made some excellent pedestrian areas with a couple of restaurants, so it was a good walk.

River crossing through Chicago

I definetly wanted to try Chicago’s signature dish, the deep pizza that evening. I was right on time with sitting down, because by the time I had my pizza, there was a line around the corner.

The next day I visited the Garfield Park Conservatory, which was exactly how I want a conservatory to look. The different halls in the greenhouse had different theme’s and I loved them all.

On day three I went to the Millennium Park where you an find the Cloud Sculpture a.k.a. the Big Bean (Liz). It’s my new favorite sculpture. I mean, look at it:

Cloud Sculpture a.k.a. Big Bean, Chicago
Big Bean

There is not a bad side to this thing.

When I leave Chicago I’m going to leave my car behind. For the last leg of the trip I’m using the Greyhound bus. By the time I’ll be able to post this with the photos I’ll be in Washington DC.

I’ve had the car for five weeks. When I returned it, it had 11.462 extra km on it’s count.

Center of Chicago
Last shot of Chicago

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