This is happening

For months I’ve been walking around with the idea that I want to go to the United States when I graduate (which will be soon). I want to road trip for two months before I get serious(ly into looking for work). I’ve been saving and saving, twisting and turning, but I’ve finally done it:

I’ve booked the plane tickets.

This is really going to happen! At the end of August I’m leaving for seven weeks. I’m starting in Los Angeles. From there I’ll visit some National Parks in Utah and Arizona. After that I’ll be driving upwards to San Fransisco, visit Yosemity NP, and make my way up to Seattle. After hanging out there for a couple of days, I’ll go, through Yellowstone, to Chicago where I leave the car. The rest of the trip I’ll be doing by bus. Chicago to Washington D.C., Washington D.C. to Philadelphia, and finally Philadelphia to New York.

I hope I’m not a little to ambitious. This is my first time driving such huge distances, so I don’t know if all this is realistic. Luckily I have the internet and a contact in the US to help me mold this into a doable trip. Of course, if you follow me, you’ll be the first to know if anything changes!

To keep the whole trip within budget (and because it sounds fun) I’m going couch surfing and camping. I’m curious what kind of people I’m going to meet this way!

Now that I’m finally done with all my school stuff, I’ll take my time preparing this trip and keeping you all up to date. Rove this way every now and again to keep up!

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