My 2018 travel destination shortlist

A new year rolled around and that means it is time to look at possible travel destinations! If I were to publish the whole list of all the places I want to go, I could just as well post a map of the world. Time and money however won’t allow me to visit the whole world in a year (or even two) so time to prioritize the possibilities into the 2018 travel destination shortlist!

Some destinations have been floating around my head for a while now, wheter they are countries or cities. Being a recent graduate without a fulltime job I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so for this year I’m looking for destinations close to home. So Europe, mostly. Keeping the trips short will allow me to hold on to my parttime jobs, so this list will for trips that last two weeks or less. Let’s check it out!


Believe it or not, I have a Scottish heritage. I keep forgetting the particulars, but either my Indonesian ancestors came to Schotland, or the otherway around (I even almost had a Scottish last name, which would have been hella cool). I would love to visit Schotland and find the ruins of the castle that supposedly belonged to my family, drive through the highlands and visit some of the cities! Probably at least Glasgow. Ideally I would rent a car, pick three destinations and drive between those.


Of all the traveling I’ve done so far, I’ve never been to Scandinavia and it’s only a six hour drive to Denmark (or a cheap flight)! I would love to see the Fjords in Norway or discover for myself what Hygge is in Denmark. Maybe I could go way up north in Finland (which I know isn’t officially part of Scandinavia) and see the northen lights. The living standards in Scandinavia are high and you pay for that, so I think for this year I would start with a long weekend city trip. Oslo maybe? Or Kopenhagen?

Northern Lights
Photo: Johannes Groll


If you talk cheap and awesome, I think you talk Prague. I’ve done a little scouting on Airbnb and there are some really nice pads in the middle of the centre that don’t cost that much at all! And the centre looks so amazing (if I can believe the pictures). I really want to walk through Malá Strana, climb the Old Town Hall and just get lost between the historic buildings.


Another amazing city that I haven’t visited yet despite it’s closeness to the Netherlands. Every movie is portraying Paris as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and I think it’s about time I discover that for myself! I know of course of the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Arc de Triomph, but what else can I discover?

Photo: Ilnur Kalimullin


Every summer the Sziget Festival, the biggest music festival in Europe, is held on Óbudai Sziget in Istanbul and I’m thinking: Why not combine a roadtrip to Sziget with a week in the city? I’ve never been in Hungary before and Budapest sounds like an awesome city with a lot of history. I know I have some friends around who want to visit Sziget so I see this plan getting off in the most awesome way (rrrrroad trip!). I’ll only have to work out how to schedule my work around that plan, because Sziget is in the first week of August when a lot of my colleagues take up their vacation days.

German Castles

You can find awesome castle all around Europe, but since Germany is my next door neighbour, why not start there? Me and my boyfriend were talking about it and we’ve found some really awesome contestants for our castle trip. Every seen the Neuschwanstein castle for example?

Neuschwanstein castle
Photo: Rachel Davis

The pictures look hella cool. We’re thinking of visiting one or two castles in the fall, when the surounding forest puts on its colorful autumn coat.


Speaking of Germany, Berlin is said to be the place to be as well. Cool urban culture, good (vegetarian) food an loads of cool things to do. Of course Berlin has a grim history as well, with the Berlin Wall deviding the city in two from 1961 to 1989. My father has even seen the city when it was still divided, something I can’t even imagine now. I wonder about the current atmosphere of the city and how much of the past you can still see. Long story short: I want to go!

Bonus: House sitting somewhere far way

If I do manage to make the time/money to go far away I would love to try out house sitting! Which is watching after somebody’s house (and pets) while they are away. Where would I want to do this? Wherever is far away and preferbly has nice weather. Like Hawaii.

What cities would be on your 2018 travel destination shortlist?

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