Welcome to the USA

It was a really long first day. I got up at 02:35am and I think I went to bed at 07:30am Dutch time the next day. I slept a bit on the plane of course, but it wasn’t much. I don’t get why I brought snacks for during the flight, because British Airways will feed you until they need to roll you off the plane.

Apart from the burning farmhouse and the gentleman squishing me by reclining his chair too far, the flight was uneventful. That is, until we started descending. Me and the unknown lady next to me almost grabbed hold of each other while we plummeted down several meters at a time. I was slightly nauseous when I finally got off the plane. Next I had to go through customs. After getting a receipt from some futuristic machine I still had to go see an officer. “What’s the nature of your trip?” “Sightseeing.” “How long are you staying?” “Seven weeks.” Why seven weeks?” “Well, because bI just graduated and stuff…” *Silence* “Put your fingers on the scanner.” Without so much as a ‘nice trip’ he waved me on.

I’m in!

Now of course I had to find Liz and my rental car. My plane landed at 1pm and I think I was finally ready to go out on the LA streets at about 4pm. Super fancy car of course, with cruise control, airco (which I desperately need here) ¬†and everything. Thank god Liz was with me on that first trip otherwise I don’t think I would have survived! Now, two days on, I’m starting to see the logic of it all.

The first stop coming from the airport was Walmart for the required camping gear and shampoo and such. What I mostly remember from that is that all products are about twice as big as in the Netherlands. After the Walmart we had enought time and (after a bottle of iced coffee) enough energy to visit the first stop on my list: The Last Bookstore.

This is such an amazing store. It’s more of a labyrint meets bookshop meets art space. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words:

I’ve got more pictures, but you get the idea. It was wonderful to walk around and explore every nook and cranny. After going to the bookshop, we walked around LA for a bit longer, but most¬†things were closed so we drove back to Liz’ house. I’d forgotten for a moment that it was still an hour drive, so I was pretty pooped by the time we arrived! Of course, everybody took really great care of me and while eating Liz’ brothers askes me everything they could think off concerning the Netherlands. It was really fun, but I ended up going to sleep really late.

Because of the gruelling heat I went to Santa Monica yesterday, but I’ll tell you about that later!

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