World Trip

April is here, in 2019, and I decided to take action on a few plans.

Big plans.

Next year, 2020, I want to travel the world.

I think this won’t come as a surprise to people who’ve known me for a while. For the people who haven’t here is a short summary:

I’m Leona, from the good year ’92. I’ve steadily been living the good life until university. That’s when I got lost. I started out studying Veterinary Medicine, but after about three years I realised that wasn’t for me. But what do you do then, when you’ve thought your whole life you were going to be a vet? I went looking for my more creative side, without going to art school. I ended up studying Communication, which was fine. Not great, but fine. Enough that I knew it would get me a diploma in a direction I could work with. Journalism and communication rub shoulders here and there and I realised I wanted to do something with writing.

Meanwhile it’s five years later and I still don’t do anything with writing, except blogging every now and then. Especially when I’m traveling.

Traveling is amazing. In the period between Veterinary Medicine and Communications I went to Thailand for three weeks to change my scenery. It wasn’t the best trip of my life, but it was full of surprises and the realisation that all would be ok. I am going to find a space on this world for me. During my studies I got the opportunity to take my Minor abroad. Because I’ve been interested in Souteast Asia for a while, I decided to go to South Korea. That was the best decision of my life! Four months of living and studying in another culture was amazing. You will be able to read the adventures I had there on this blog.

looking sharp in a traditional Hanbok

After that adventure I still had a year of study ahead of me. Without any idea what I was going to do after that I chose to go on another trip. This time a seven week road trip through the USA. At first I wanted to go down route 66, but I changed that to my own way across the states. From LA up to Seattle and then through Yellowstone National Park to Chicago. The size of the country is insane. Not only the country itself, but everything there is about twice as big as in Europe as well. During the trip I met several interesting people. Some of whom also didn’t know what they were going to do with their live, some who had already settled, but just wanted to meet new people, and some who just wanted to know if I ate breakfast yes or no.

sometimes these are your closest neighbours

It feels so nice to be part of someone’s life for such a short moment. To leave a small impression on them and maybe become an interesting story they can tell when they come back home.

Here in the Netherlands I still don’t know what I want except that I want to travel. When I’m on the road, my head is clear. There is always a new experience, a next destination or a new face. This year I’m going to save up money, do research and figure out where I’m going to leave my stuff when I’m gone. So preparing! I hope to get on the first plane in January.

If you like, you can stay up to date on this blog on how I’m getting along. During the preperation, as well as when I’m on the road!

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