My Amazing Day in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite was in one word: awesome! The photo’s do it no justice, but I’m going to add a few anyway. The navigation was nice enough to send me over the Tioga Pass and that alone was amazing. It’s such a shame that I actually have to watch the road and can’t just look at what’s happening around me.

The camping I was staying was only half an hour away from Yosemite Valley, where most of the famous sights are, which was nice. It was pretty busy in the park, with people coming from all over the world. During a break I got to talking with a couple from Minnesota that just loved all of it. While I was hiking I also ran into my campsite neighbours! The Mrs. recognized me from the pants I was wearing (a flouncy, patterend one) and started, while struggeling uphil, to tell me about their vacation and Canada and the camping and where I came from. Because of the talking I didn’t even realize I had a hard time getting up the mountain. The Mr. was mostly concerned I hadn’t eaten breakfast (which I had). You meet a lot of nice people traveling like this!

I spent all day walking through the park, but on the road about halfway back to the camp site, a van was on fire! I got stopped by a firefighter who told me that I needed to wait for the van to burn out and the firefighters to clear before I could pass. I just turned off the engine and relaxed while people behind me started to line up. When I could finally pass I could see the remains of the van, there was not much left.

The next day it was time for the next phase of the trip: San Francisco!

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